Friday, 16 December 2011

Dear Diary.. Im just sick of all this.

Dear Diary,

Hadapi dengan senyuman!
I am very tired these days. i have a lots work to do. sometimes, i felt like i want to quite. i think i cannot continue my study anymore. i have dilemma between study and work. i have to go to work, because i need money to survive here. but my priority is study. of course. but recently i noticed that study is no more my priority. u know what? i think i already make a mistakes when i more focusing on my work. i cannot manage my time very well. i am very disappointed with my self.

u know what? my closed friends are always asked me what is my problem. but u know what? i actually dont know how to explain to you my dear friend. sometimes, i felt i want to tell you and shared my problems, but i dont know how to start. there's too many problems i want to share with you, but i dont know whether u are ready to spend your time to hear my problems or not. 

this is my bad. even though i am a communication student. i also dont know how to make a better communication. even though i learn interpersonal communication, i even don't know how to practice it when it appear in my real life.   

Dear diary,

do you feel how frustrated i am? what should i do? i am totally lost. i am alone. i am tired. i am upset and  i am sick of all this. oh my god. tears in not my medicine anymore. i cried all night, but it doesn't change anything. it wont heal at all. 

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